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What an incredible machine a car is. Your movement from one place to another is facilitated by mechanical movements. It's truly amazing how the engine transfers power to the wheels.

But what happens if an engine's full power is not transferred to the wheels?

There are some flaws that are noticeable. One of them is the misaligned wheels, which detract from the car's performance while also providing a less than desirable experience.

Most drivers know how much it is necessary to keep an eye on the tire pressure. And, most of us take timely action when it comes to tire pressure. But, do you know about wheel alignment and its benefits? How does it help us in terms of safety and financially?

There should be no ignorance regarding wheel alignment either if you follow your vehicle's maintenance schedules to keep it in top condition. To emphasize this type of maintenance more, you must first fully comprehend what wheel alignment is.

What Do You Understand About Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment, as the name suggests, is the configuration of wheels along the axle as well as the road. It means the wheels should have proper adjustment with each other at certain angles while properly attached to an axle.

The wheel adjustments often get disturbed over time due to uneven riding while crossing over the bumps and potholes. A tire alignment requires square adjustments of the wheels with each other so they can move in tandem.

It is accomplished by adjusting a few parts and configuring and positioning the suspension system correctly.

The procedure entails configuring the steering wheel into the center precisely and adjusting all suspension angles that affect tire movement and positioning.

However, this requires a certain level of expertise to deal with the misalignment, and an expert at a reliable service center would be a good choice.

What Are The Real Reasons Behind The Misalignment Of The Wheels?

A common cause of the misalignment is constant striking with something mounted, such as a sideways or a stone along the road. However, small bumps and potholes also contribute enough to disturb the wheel alignment with the axle.

However, such issues are not visible unless they are not experienced sufficiently while driving the vehicle. But how do you actually find out about the wheel misalignment?

One major sign of a car misalignment is that it starts to drag to either side of the road, where you have to handle the steering with more force to keep it straight.

Another sign of a wheel misalignment is the feeling of stubborn vibrations even if you are riding on a smooth surface.

The third and most visible sign of a car's wheel misalignment is uneven tread wear and tear of the front tires. The wear and tear usually appear either inside or outside of the tires.

These are tell-tale signs of a vehicle's misalignment. However, they can hint at some other underlying issues. Therefore, it is always better to opt for the service of an expert at Service My Car.

How Does Wheel Alignment Benefit You?

The wheel alignment benefits you in many ways, whether it is financially or safety wise. Here are a few snippets of the core benefits of a vehicle alignment.

Improvise Fuel Efficiency

A wheel misalignment has an adverse effect on the gas mileage. As misaligned tyres drag through the road instead of steering in a straight direction,it is evident that the engine has to bear more loads to push the vehicle. This reflects well in terms of high fuel efficiency.

While a proper alignment allows your vehicle to be less cruel to you in terms of fuel economy.

Increase a Tire's Life

Misalignment is the true enemy of tyres. If you drive your vehicle for an extended period while its wheels are misaligned, the tyres are the first to feel the impact as they start to wear down in many ways. The tyre's sides may receive the wear and tear, or it may be a flatten tread block. Despite the point of wear and tear, you end up opting for a new set of tyres every time.

Better Steering

As it is stated above, a misalignment always results in an uncomfortable experience in terms of steering. You may find yourself holding the steering a bit tight to drive the vehicle straight as compared to normal.

Under normal conditions, you do not need to put extra effort in terms of steering as all wheels tend to drive in a straight line.

Stay Away From Additional Repairs

Simply, a bad alignment that is already deteriorating your vehicle's tyres is not the best condition to drive. Your vehicle may sustain further damage when a such vehicle crosses over the bump or any damaging force.

You end up spending money over the damages to the suspension system while a frequent wheel alignment might save you from burning a hole in your pocket quite easily.

A wheel alignment is not a lengthy process as it needs not more than an hour under normal circumstances. But, if you have not opted for the wheel alignment for a long time, there could be enough damage to deal with and it may take more time.

However, if you sincerely pay attention to the benefits of a wheel alignment, you can notice that it is better to opt for such a service as it pays you back enough in terms of finance by saving on a number of repairs and safety by providing a smooth ride.

Looking for the best Land Rover servicing and repair? Look no further than Service My Car. With Service My Car, you get to benefit from our extensive network as your car is likely to be taken to the best Land Rover repair Dubai center.

You possess the right to call for a wheel alignment during the car maintenance. Although, Service My Car is always ready to serve you for all of your automotive needs. You can make use of car service package or ask for a quotation for a car repair on the Service My Car app or website.

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There are numerous uses for scaffolding in construction and real estate, but in this article, we will focus specifically on its uses. By using kwikstage scaffolding you can speed up the process of construction with complete safety measures and increase your chances of producing high-quality construction that is both effective and user-friendly.

What is a Kwikstage Scaffolding?

Kwikstage scaffolding is a type of temporary scaffolding made from aluminum or steel tubing that is typically used in construction, restoration, and repair work. It's also known as a quick-release scaffold, easy-release scaffold, or quick-release platform.

Kwikstage scaffolding is designed for use with tools that release the scaffold quickly and easily, making it a popular choice for jobs that require fast access to the work surface. Common uses for kwikstage scaffolding include:

  1. Supporting workers while they're working on a building or structure

  2. Supporting equipment while it's being repaired or replaced

  3. Holding materials while they're being assembled or repaired

  4. Providing access to high places

Uses of Kwikstage Scaffoldings

Kwikstage scaffoldings are versatile, lightweight, and easy to use. They come in many shapes and sizes and are perfect for a variety of applications such as roofing, cladding, guttering, decking, and fencing.

Kwikstage scaffoldings have a number of uses including:

-Rooftop repair: Kwikstage scaffoldings are perfect for repairing roofs as they are lightweight and easy to move around. They can be quickly erected and are capable of handling a large range of roofing materials.

-Cladding: Kwikstage scaffoldings offer an economical and quick way to install cladding. They are easy to use, require few tools, and can be erected in a short time frame. Cladding can be installed on walls, roofs, and facades using a variety of materials.

-Guttering: Guttering is one of the most common applications for a Kwikstage scaffolding. They are lightweight and easy to move around, making them ideal for repairing or replacing gutters.

-Decking: Decking is another popular application for Kwikstage scaffoldings. They are easy to set up and

Steeledge UK leading supplier of Kwikstage Scaffoldings in UK

Kwikstage scaffoldings are used for a variety of purposes, including construction, painting, and repair. They are also popular for aerial work, such as installing antennas or cable lines.

Kwikstage scaffoldings can be quickly erected and are easy to use. They are also lightweight and easy to move. This makes them perfect for a variety of applications. is the UK’s leading supplier of Kwikstage Scaffoldings


Kwikstage scaffolding is a very versatile and popular piece of scaffolding that you may encounter during your building or construction projects. Kwikstage scaffoldings are commonly used for a variety of purposes such as roofing, siding, window replacement and more. In this article, we will discuss the different uses of kwikstage scaffoldings as well as the specifications required for each type. Finally, we will provide a link to download a PDF guide on how to use kwikstage scaffoldings safely

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Bangladesh celebrates its New Year on 14 April. This day is known as Pohela Boishakh or Bangla Noboborsho. It is the first day of the Bengali calendar. The day is celebrated with much fanfare and gaiety all over Bangladesh.

On this day, people dress up in traditional clothes and go out to enjoy the festivities. The highlight of the celebrations is a grand procession known as the Jugantor Chele Mela. This procession is led by a group of young people who sing and dance their way through the streets.

The day is also marked by feasts and fairs. Delicious food and sweetmeats are prepared and sold. People also buy and exchange gifts with their loved ones. Noboborsho ager Sondha  (নববর্ষের আগের সন্ধ্যা) is important time for every Bengali People. 

Bangla Noboborsho (বাংলা নববর্ষ) is a time for people to come together and celebrate the start of a new year. It is a day of joy and happiness that is enjoyed by all.

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The T20 World Cup 2022 will be held in the United Arab Emirates. This will be the fifteenth edition of the tournament. The tournament will be played over a period of just four weeks, from February 9 to March 16. The total number of matches played will be forty-eight.

The United Arab Emirates were the hosts of the inaugural edition of the T20 World Cup in 2007. They have also hosted the event on two other occasions, in 2011 and 2015. The United Arab Emirates are one of the most successful countries at the T20 World Cup, having won the tournament on four occasions. They have also reached the final on two other occasions, in 2014 and 2016. They are one of the most consistent countries at the tournament, having reached the final on six occasions.

The other countries that have been announced as participants in the T20 World Cup 2022 are India, England, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, the West Indies, and the Netherlands.

Check the t20 world cup 2022 schedule from this link - টি ২০ বিশ্বকাপ ২০২২ সময়সূচি

Is there any specific instance from one of your travels that comes to mind? Your path is being crossed by a wild animal, or an engineheating up. A flat tyre is a less serious yet frequent incident. Although you can't avoid it, you can fix it.


However, it is essential to become knowledgeable about the various available repair options. An evaluation is necessary for a more complete understanding.


What Are The Options Available In The Case Of A Flat Tyre?


Two possibilities are on the table.


Tyre Plug


The plug repair procedure does not require you to remove the tyre as it can be applied to a fastened tyre. It is a lengthy piece of mouldable rubber that is applied to the punctured spot on a tyre. Once it is applied substantially outside, a tyre starts to hold the air as it expands to cover the hole and surface entirely.


The cost of a tyre plug is high, but the procedure does not take too much time. Many people have personally inspected tyre plugs and asserted that they are durable.


Tyre Patch


A patch procedure requires you to remove the tyre from the wheel as it requires the application of a rubber compound inside the tyre.


The patch is placed over the tear or puncture. It enlarges and fuses to the tyre rubber to form a substantial rubber patch as the air pressure is restored to the tyre.


It takes times for the requirement of the removal of tyre and the place it back. However, a tyre plug repair can be completed faster than this procedure.


What Factors To Opt For Particular Repairs?


However, each does their jobs well. However, how well they work depends on how big the hole is and, more specifically, where it is.


Any of them should be used to repair a hole around the walls. An improperly shaped hole cannot be repaired with a plug, but it can be with a patch. Similar to a hole at an angle, a patch is not the best solution.


If there is another puncture already present in addition to the current one, don't use a plug or patch.


You have a choice between tyre plugs and patches because there is so much conflicting advice and knowledge available. Both will maintain and repair a nail puncture or tread tear on the majority of tyres. Radial patches can occasionally fix sidewall damage, but in most cases, sidewall damage necessitates completely replacing the tyre.


It's crucial to keep any tyre damage in mind.


How Long Does A Tyre Plug Or Patch Last?


A tyre patch or plug can be used as a cheap fix, but are they as effective? The quality of the flat tyre service holds the key to the solution.


A patch of high quality lasts as long as a tyre does on the road. Usually, it lasts between eight and nine years. This also holds true for the plug repair.


You can anticipate that a patched tyre will last longer than the original tyre if it is applied by a knowledgeable and skilled individual.


Patching is thought to be a better investment than purchasing new tyres because it only costs less money. However, replacing a worn-out tyre is safer than patching it if you have one.


What about the Safety of a Patched Tyre?


It is quite common to have doubts about the safety of a tyre repaired by patch. However, it is not wise to replace a tyre after a tiny puncture when a patch or plug can fix the problem.


If you drive on a flat tyre, there is always the possibility of imbalance, and at some point of time, a tyre may get blown.


However, a tyre is safe to drive until there is considerable wear and tear. So the patch or plug repair assures some sort of durability far from the flat tyre.


These repairs have been tried and tested for a number of years. No matter how rough or rocky the road is, it is safe to drive with a patched tyre. However, you should replace the tyre if you frequently drive fast on the highway. The only way to drive safely is to adhere to the suggested speed limit.


However, there might be a question in mind about how much time a tyre needs to be patched. Obviously, a tyre may not sustain a series of patches. However, it is better to consult an expert at a reliable car service centre such as Service My Car.


Here, you can get answers to a number of questions, such as, does my tyre need another patch or is it time for a tyre replacement?


A patch or plug is a fabulous alternative for saving a hefty amount of tyre replacement costs. On the other hand, if you encounter a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere, these options turn out to be lifesavers.


However, you always retain the right to ask for roadside assistance service from Service My Car just by giving us a call or visiting our app or website. Get on-demand flat tyre assistance from Service My Car.


If you need any type of Peugeot service or repair, Service My Car provides you free pickup and delivery plus full car servicing at the nearest Peugeot Service Dubai center.

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There are many Saudi girls with Islamic names (সৌদি মেয়েদের ইসলামিক নাম). Some girls have traditional Islamic names like Fatima, Zeinab, or Ruqaya. Others have more modern names like Manal or Aya.

Islamic names are important because they tell people what kind of person a Saudi girl is. Islamic names are usually based on the name of a saint or prophet. They are usually short and easy to remember.

Some Saudi girls choose not to have Islamic names. They think that it’s important to be able to go by their own name in Saudi society.

Islamic names are important to Saudi girls because they symbolize who they are. They show that they are pious and committed to their religion.


The engine manipulates heat as it transforms natural energy into kinetic energy. However, overheating is a possibility that is always present.

However, there are measures in place to deal with the excessive heat, such as coolant and engine oil. What will occur if things start to go wrong? It implies that, under certain circumstances, the coolant could start to cause issues for the engine of your car. A worn head gasket could be the cause of it entering the combustion chamber.

On the other hand, deteriorated engine oil may fail to lubricate the internal components, resulting in a heated environment under the hood.

What Should Be Your Course Of Action If You Encounter An Overheated Engine?

Besides, you can also turn off the air conditioning and crank up the heater to the highest setting if you can't pull over safely. The heater sucks up the heat under the hood and radiates it inside the car.

However, if your car's engine is overheating, there are a number of signs that can help you identify it. Let’s understand some important hints that will surely prove to be saviours for your car.

Temperature Measurement at Dashboard

Now all smart vehicles equip with features of temperature measurement. However, it can be confused with the environment temperature while it reflects the engine’s temperature under the hood.

Your engine is overheating when you notice it moving toward the red indicator. However, you should not wait as your engine to heat up to a dangerous level until it reaches the red indicator. This is proven and tested utility that comes handy to gauge a vehicle temperature.

Some Unusual Sounds under the Hood

Due to the lubrication provided by engine oil, an engine operates at a very high intensity. What transpires, though, if the engine oil loses its ability to lubricate while the engine is still working under strain? Under the hood, there would undoubtedly be a friction-focused movement and an odd manoeuvre.

When this happens, your engine's parts may start to click or clank as they interact without the protective effect of oil. This might result in catastrophic damage and even hefty bills for car engine repair.

Overheating Dashboard Light

A specific light on the dashboard of a car serves as a temperature indicator. If the thermometer indicator rises above the waves, it becomes a problem. It measures the coolant temperature that the radiator uses to control engine temperature. When your engine starts to overheat, the radiator warning light illuminates. It crosses the red threshold.

Vaporization under the Hood

Every single thing has a unique resistance to heat and temperature. The boiling point begins for fluids used in automobiles once the temperature crosses the range of 100 to 105°C. While a car's maximum tolerable temperature ranges from 90 to 100 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, there is always a coolant loss if your car begins to heat up beyond these temperatures. The temperature of your engine will rise above the boiling point of your radiator fluid once it begins to overheat. As of result, boiling radiator fluid may come out from underneath your hood as steam, vapour, or white smoke.

Sudden Dip in Your Car Performance

The best performance cannot be obtained from an overheated engine. An improper combustion process is the main cause of degradation. Under the hood, an overheated environment prevents normal air from mixing with fuel and providing the proper air to fuel mixture to the combustion chamber. Normal warming of the air makes it difficult to sustain for fuel during internal combustion.

By pressing the accelerator, you can experience the performance problem, and an overheated engine is almost certainly to blame. However, an engine diagnosis is a much better option to delve deeper if you have experienced such an incident.

Abnormal Smells under the Hood

It is common of burning of some things due to overheat. However, different things could have different smells. In case of burning of valves and rubber seals, you can smell as odour of burning of plastic smell. While a sweet smell is a result of coolant burning, sometimes it might seem as syrup.

Moreover, an overheated engine burns the engine oil too. These smells hint the critical conditions of your car and initial warning of a possible fire under the hood.

An occurrence of one or more of these signs hints at the possible overheating. However, it would be wise to pull over to the safest corner of a road and try to turn off the engine. A halt might help you to cool down a bit to your car’s engine.

However, you can make an inspection under the hood. But, take care while opening the bonnet as it might be heated enough to burn you. Usually, fluid such as coolant gets enough heated to cause damage. It is best not to touch anything under the hood until the engine has fully cooled down. Otherwise, you can take assistance of a professional from Service My Car by opting for roadside assistance service.

Beside, our experts are well-versed in any car repair and you have to just request a quote on our website and app for a car service.

If you need any type of service or battery replacement Abu Dhabi, service my car provide pickup and delivery plus full car service at the nearest repair center

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CBSE Board Class 2 English Sample Paper 2023 Pdf download for all chapters of Marigold & Raindrops. Subject experts of the board have designed and suggested the Marigold & Raindrops solved question paper to practice at home. CBSE Class 2 English Question Paper Advised to download set wide practice questions to get better scores in all exams of the Class II level exams. CBSE Board Class 2 English Sample Paper 2023 Pdf download for all chapters of Marigold & Raindrops. Subject experts of the board have designed and suggested the Marigold & Raindrops solved question paper to practice at home. Advised to download set wide practice questions to get better scores in all exams of the Class II level exams.